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   I'm Cristina Hardie, founder and Managing Director of We Care for You. I have 2 disabled children so I know exactly what you have experienced and we're here to help. We consider the special needs of disabled children with great care, because I, myself, have 2 disabled kids. My children are my inspiration to why I started this company. My children are the living proof that 'Disability is not an Inability... I taught them the attitude that ‘making the most of what you have and rising above everything what life gives you, defines you, not your disabilities. Making a difference is what matters.


   I immigrated in Australia in 2004 after living in Dubai for 11 years. I have no family or relatives to help me raise the kids after my husband left in 2007. I raised both of my children on my own. I know how hard it is... and we're here to help.

   I have a Bachelors Degree in Secondary Education Major in History & Economics. I'm licensed to teach in Victoria. I also have a Graduate Diploma Degree in Psychology at University of Melbourne and presently doing Master of Counselling at Monash University. I've have acquired knowledge and skills in to further assist and be of service to the community, who have suffered disabilities based on my experience raising two disabled children. I specialise on helping children with special needs and it would be an honour to be able to assist them and their Carers of all their needs and to teach them to be more independent. My goal is to one day make a difference in improving their everyday life and to be part of our community.

    Our Staff are all trained and qualified to provide the highest quality of support to all our clients. I’ve been the sole Carer of my two disabled children for 16 years now and I have experienced everything what’s in raising special needs children on your own. So, rest assured that will do everything to make sure you get the quality of service you've been looking for.

    Here at We Care for You, we take pride in having the best care services for your love ones, and we have a team who undergo intensive training under the eye of an expert team who has a vast amount of prior knowledge, ensuring that all our clients get the most of our services. It’s time for change... 

   Veronica is my oldest daughter. Everybody calls her 'Ronnie'... Ronnie have profound disabilities. Veronica's challenging behaviour is significant in excess. Veronica have Intellectual Disability, Autism, Cerebral Palsy Global Developmental Delay and she's also Epileptic. Veronica suffered Pragmatic Disorder and severe receptive language communication impairment.​ It was found that Veronica's significant difficulties would continue throughout her school years and beyond.


Veronica is a very happy child. People would often describe her like that she's like a 'Ray of Sunshine'. She's very confident, friendly and quite social.  Veronica is a member of the school choir who participated in creating a marketing video to be used for the Nationwide Disability Ad were only 4 schools are chosen. Veronica was featured at the 7:30 Report two years in a row about the NDIS Story. She's also seen here with Thomas Jackson from The Voice Australia. Ronnie loves sports and she regularly participates at inter school sports competition. Veronica loves to sing and she's a member of Port Phillip Specialist School Choir.

Piano Concert

   This is my Zoe, with her dog Jack. Her love for Jack is immeasurable! Zoe is my youngest daughter. Zoe was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at the age of 4. Zoe have continence issues as well because she have this amazing ability to concentrate. At 14, its still an ongoing issue. But with all that, Zoe possessed great abilities and I'm so proud of her.


Zoe took a scholarship test at Lauriston and got a place. She got offered a place at Albert Park College after taking the exam for the Selective Accelerated Program (SEAL Program) for gifted and talented children for year 7 students. A place at Noosal High when she took the exam for year 9 students Selective High School in Victoria. Her Naplan results all hit the roof.  She's a talented piano player and love animals in all shape and sizes. Her vocabulary is quite extensive and her knowledge about a lot things is quite outstanding. They call her the at school 'The walking encyclopedia'. She speaks very good French and Chinese. She participated in French Poem Competition and was asked to represent her school for G.A.T.E.W.AY.S. She wants to be Pediatric Neurosurgeon one day and she's already preparing for that. But Zoe is only a kid... just like everybody else. 


School Play 2 roles


Piano Skills


Naplan Result



Albert park2_edited

SEAL Program

Selective High

Selective High School Yr 9


French Speaking Competition

oz open_edited

Oz Open


Lauriston Scholarship Test Result



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